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What is Trakkem Pro?

Trakkem Pro is a all-in-one platform software solution which gives you the ability to continuously monitor the status of your shipment at every point of its journey. With continuous and timely updates, you can track the status of your shipment remotely via any device (laptop, tablet or smartphone). With our Trakkem Pro service, your company is choosing the best Logistics 4.0 business intelligence tool available.

Sustainable Transport and Logistics

Environmental protection is at the heart of our company’s values and key criteria of selection in our corporate decision-making process. As the impact of transportation is becoming more harmful, we have taken the initiative to focus on innovative solutions to minimize the freight ecological footprint.

CO2 Emission Monitoring

Emissions coming from freight operations account for almost one third of the total Greenhouse Gas emissions from the transport sector. CO2 emissions compose around 95% of these gas. TRAKKEM PRO will allow you to estimate the freight transport environmental impact in terms of tonne-kms and energy consumption by liters of fuel or kilowatt-hours or equivalent.

Location tracking technologies

TRAKKEM PRO receives mixed location data from multiple sources scattered all over the world. It sends back its position along with encrypted sense-tracking data through cellular networks. No concern, no loss.

Big Data Analysis

The TRAKKEM PRO proprietary web application is designed to incorporate and process real-time data at a large scale. Locate an individual item, or filter data by location or groups with Google or Bing-like enquiries without the annoyance of complex SQL databases or old-style and bulky data repositories.

Machine Learning Engine

TRAKKEM PRO uses machine learning techniques to learn logistics patterns and company business behavior. AI-based algorithms allow for the reduction of time-consuming operations and help you to predict your customer’s needs.

Supply Chain and Fleet Visibility

TRAKKEM PRO allows your company to play a key role, as does a thorough understanding of all data and insights and actionable intelligence for supply chain and fleet management.

Agriculture | Arts | Automotive | Chemical | Construction | Entertainment

Fresh Food | Frozen Food | Finance Government |Health Care | Information

Life Sciences | Luxury Manufacturing | Military Pharmaceutical | Recreation

Retail | Remediation Services Transportation | Utilities | Warehousing  | Waste Management


With Trakkem Pro, you can take virtual sensing from any enabled tracking device and its embedded sensor wherever, with live information fetched from the Cloud. Unlimited data storage and AI-based technology allows the customer to access shipment history, polished charts, business intelligence trends, and good-looking reports.

Trakkem pro

Compatible with different devices

Fleet management


Trakkem Pro allows to manage in-house or outsourced services for transportation vehicle compliance and productivity management. Supply chain visibility on the road.

Blockchain ready

Trakkem Pro drills down all selected parameters regarding the position and condition of cargo, stores them in the Cloud and reveals the result via the dashboard or push notifications.

Trakkem pro

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Battery life UP to 45 days

How it works 1/3

TRAKKEM PRO receives location data, sensor status and tracking updates along with critical activity alerts from multiple sources scattered all over the world. It sends back its position regardless of whether the delivery of the shipment is taking place by air, road, rail or sea. All information is encrypted and enhanced by the proprietary machine learning algorithms. No concern, no loss.

How it works 2/3

TRAKKEM PRO integrates granular information gathered from multiple raw data sources. Thanks to advanced location-based services and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, the shipment status is always available. There are almost no limitations on device or location, meaning customers have access to up-to-the-minute tracking information.

How it works 3/3

TRAKKEM PRO gives you full insights from Big Data, automatically shortening information, unveiling trends, and detecting errors. Analytics can be managed to perform predictive pathways, cut down energy footprints, reduce efforts and save money. All the operations are driven by the control room. A full report can be exported anytime. TRAKKEM PRO acts as a Business Intelligence tool allowing your company to choose the best shipping option, giving you the ability to safely and consistently monitor the status of your supply chain, at every stage of the journey. With constant updates, you can monitor the most important data anywhere in the world from workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Keep track of valuable assets and find out “how they feel”.

Learn whenever your valuable assets are close to a specific area. Or if they go out of it.

Up to 2 months battery life. Set it and forget it.

Smart adaptation to the optimal polling frequency. Receive data when you really need it.

Operates all over the world through satellite based location and cellular networks. Unbounded control.

Wireless charging technology. Forget wires once for all.


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